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The Birth of Our Gift Shop  

Living in Japan for over four years in the countryside of Minobu, in Yamanashi Prefecture, we wanted to share a product unique to one area of Japan. Washi (和紙), is a traditional Japanese paper. The term is used to describe paper that uses local fiber, processed by hand, and made in the traditional manner. In Minobu, Yamanashi, there is a special kind of washi- Nishijima washi. It is said that Nishijima Washi dates back to 1571. Today, there is the Nishijima Washi studio operated by the husband and wife team of Masaki and Ei Kasai. Visitors can visit the studio to purchase products, as well as try their hand at making washi, and other washi-based crafts. Learn more here about Nishijima Washi.  


We are so excited to partner with this team, and provide this delicate yet flexible product to you and yours. The products are timeless and are a great gift or collectible item for Japan enthusiasts.  

The Products

Mt. Fuji Watermark postcard

This postcard is made by using an original technique developed by Nishijima Washi Koubou, in which paper molds are made one by one, and paper mulberry fibers are sandwiched between them. Available on our Etsy store. 

Mt. Fuji card

It's made by hand one by one in the shape of Mt. Fuji.

It's available in 2 colors. Please enjoy Mt.Fuji in your favorite color. You can use it as interior decoration, or you can put a stamp (non-standard size) on it and mail it.


Mount Fuji card blue, yellow, green, red, unbleached

Each color (Approx . H19.5 cm x Approx . 14.5 cm)

Available on our Etsy store. 

Fall leaves Mt. Fuji postcard

This postcard is made of washi, and shows the beautiful Japanese maple leaves in the foreground of Mt. Fuji. Fall in Japan is a magical time, and this postcard can be a great reminder of this special time in Japan. It can be used in your interior decorating projects, or apply a stamp, and send to a friend.

Available on our Etsy store. 

Mt. Fuji painted postcard

This postcard is made of Nishijima washi, and is complemented by a small interior hand painting of Mt. Fuji. It can be used as a home decor item, as well as a stamp can be applied, and sent to a friend as a postcard. Its simple and minimal design is a keepsake for Japan enthusiasts.

Available on our Etsy store. 

Our Partners 

We at Intelligent Travel are passionate about quality Japanese products made by skilled Artisans who combine decades of tradition and experience into creating products. hand-picked some of the highest quality Authentic Japanese products. You can browse their products here,  and with each purchase, we will get a small commission to help support our business. 

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