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Our Story

Founded by an avid lover of Japan, Intelligent Travel started out by sharing photos of special moments and places captured in Japan. The company has evolved into providing English- tutoring services, as well as workbooks for learning.   


Having been an Educator of a foreign language in Japan for over five (5) years working with children, one common theme stood out. They acquired and learned most of the English language when it was fun, of interest to them, and engaging.  That's where the idea was born to help support these children outside of school, by providing educational yet fun activities which can engage them in play, whilst acquiring the language. A few years later, here we are providing tutoring services available to anyone who seeks to support their child's foreign language acquisition outside of a school setting. For children's classes, we use our own carefully designed Workbook to support your child's learning process. 


Our vision is to provide a one-stop area to get services to help your child learn the English language.   We also cater to students and adults. Join us on our journey.

1 Year Curriculum

Arranged by seasons in a year.

Beginner- friendly 

Arranged from beginner to basic level

Alphabet recognition

Many activities to practice reading and writing of the alphabet

Foreign Culture 

Learn about important foreign


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