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This course will introduce you to some of the most popular companies in Japan which a number of international students are currently working as Assistant Language Teachers, and as a full English Teacher. It will provide guidance on the selection of a company process, assist with your application to position yourself to be more successful, and stand out against the crowd, and finally provide insights as to how to ace your interview, especially those without the requisite experience or training. Let's help you become a traveler living in Japan!

We wanted to share how we started our journey of living abroad, as such we created this course to share our tips and make your dreams come true as well. 

Learn how and where to find English teaching opportunities from your home country to teach ESL learners in Japan.

Courses by Intelligent Travel 
The non- Teacher guide to Teaching English in Japan 
What will you will Learn
  1. Decide the type of company you wish you further pursue.

  2. Be aware of the requirements for applying to these companies.

  3. Acquire a job in Japan teaching English.

  4. Prepare fully for your interview, especially for persons who do not have teaching experience or qualifications.

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to the Course

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